Sunday, September 18, 2011

Featured Stick - Crime_in_Partner's VAS-HG

VAS-HG Elite
White Gloss Powdercoat
Afzelia burl wood trim
White PVC Frame
Vewlix 6 button layout
Semitsu's, with PurpleArms' Arc Eye 2's installed.
The joystick is a JLF, retrofitted with a Toodles' Spark.
The white marble balltop comes from Butteroj.
The artwork comes from Dragon Age:Origins.
PS360, Arduino Mega for LED programming of the ArcEye 2 with an an Imp in order to switch to programming of the Arduino
Jinx's Aluminum feet, painted white to match the case

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Stick - eperelez's VAS-HG Dragon Plate Edition

VAS-HG Dragon Plate Edition
Black Carbide Powdercoat
Dragon Plate Carbon fiber top and side plates
Black PVC Frame
Sega Six with 2 on the side
Joytron PCB w/ Premium wiring
Seimitsu Smoke buttons and Smoke bubble top
Premium TexhFlex Wiring Harnes

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Voltech Arcade Sticks Interview at Evo 2011

Here's a quick interview I did at Evo 2011 with Eric Zhang,

Some of the best parts of Evo are the great variety of thigns to do/see/talk about while you’re there. While waiting around for the SF2 high-rollers tournament to start, I had a chance to talk with veteran arcade-stick maker Voltech from Being an amateur stick modder myself, I shifted our conversation from good footsie-options with Super Turbo Chun Li to arcade-stick making. I also wanted to have a quick talk with him about the Sticks For Joy foundation here

Follow the link for the whole interview