Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tech-Flex Premium Wiring Harness

GH's VAS-BSS Wired, originally uploaded by Voltech Arcade Sticks.
Here's an example of the Premium wiring I'm offering as an upgrade to the standard. I did this one for SKR member HG.

Thirst's VAS-BSS Wired
Here's another on I did for SRK member Thirst. Both are connected to a Joytron PCB and work with the 360, PS3 and PC.

Here's an example of the Multi-Console Tech-Flex wiring (This stick can work with any Console from the NES to the PS3)
Swamps Premium Wiring
Here's an example of the standard wiring
True Old School

If you look closely you'll see I color coded the wires to match the default xbox button layout for (Red,Yellow,Green, Blue) and used different colors on the remaining buttons as well. This also makes it easier to re-wire if you ever need to take it apart. I can also do single color wiring ie all black etc or even different colored Tech-flex by request for an additional fee.

I charge $35 for the standard wiring 
$75 for premium wiring with tech-flex sleeves 

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  1. hi i live in toronto canada how do i go about purchasing the premium wiring sleeves of you