Thursday, March 22, 2012

Voltech Arcade Sticks and accessories - News 

   I'm taking my previous idea to make the welded on OEM style stick mount bracket to the next level and turning it into a bolt on solution. This would mean a couple of things.
1. I could make different mounting plates for different sticks and heights including (Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ etc)

2. While they wont be available for my first run, the mounting holes will be pre drilled so you won't need it to use my custom plates but you can upgrade to it in the future once they become available.

3. You will be able to remove your stick without having to first remove all the buttons and art from your custom plates =D Tell me that's not Awesome!!!!

This might be old news and I might be the only one that cares but I just fitted the LS-32-02 PCB into my JLW and it works like a dream!!!! =D

 All I need now is a JLW short shaft for mounting it to a metal panel and I'll be able to install it into any TE or V.S. sticks. Anybody know if Sanwa already makes such a thing or if I need to make one myself?

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  1. Kowal on SRK makes short shafts.