Saturday, February 12, 2011

VAS-T.E. Mock-up

Here's an example of what the VAS-T.E. might look like with the T.E. panel installed.
The Turbo Panel hole can be covered up easily by one of Art's Hobbies Custom Plexi tops.
This is a model of the VAS-T.E. with the optional 2 button on the side design and the optional wood trim mounts. 
I'm going to make these in the Slim Lite size and possibly the Elite (wood trim) The Universal model is still up in the air at this time but if I get enough requests will be added to the roster. 

(click on image for full size)

I just want to clairify that I am in no way affiliated or in a partnership with Madcatz. I just happen to make a case that will allow the T.E. panel to easily work with my design. I believe this will give new options to current T.E. owners as well as the DIY\Arcade Stick modding community.

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